Car Diagnostics in Stockport

New Online Repair Technology for Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, & Skoda

In 2013 VW Group Cars: Including Audi, SEAT, and Skoda introduced new technology to diagnose, repair and replace components on new model releases from 2014 onwards.

  • This new vehicle technology now requires the use of VW Germanys factory approved diagnostic test equipment – The Offboard Diagnostic & Information System.
  • Every task on this new dealer test equipment is performed online using secure connections to VW factory servers in Germany.
  • The new system introduces brand new methods for correctly diagnosing & logging repairs on VAG Group vehicles.
  • The General Motor Company is equipped to perform all online diagnostic procedures performed by main dealers worldwide. Only workshops connected to VAG factory servers can correctly perform many procedures on the new models.
  • This equipment is supplied by VAG Group Systems. It is the identical system used in VW, Audi, SEAT & Skoda main dealers. ODIS is licensed, supported and directly linked to VW Group in Germany for all repairs.

New security technology installed on all VW brands

All new models are now being built with unique security matched components. A system named ‘Component Protection’.

The concept behind Component Protection is to prevent the theft of VW, Audi, SEAT, and Skoda vehicles for their increasingly expensive components.

The new Diagnostic system supported by VW Group Germany empowers us to perform specific online tasks, many of which are not available using conventional garage equipment.

Without the support of the new online dealer system fitting many components has been rendered impossible for large numbers of vehicle repairers.

Specialised services The General Motor Company can perform on VAG Group vehicles

  • Component Protection Removal – Enabling full functionality on new control units – ONLY VWs online diagnostic system can perform this job correctly. Other tooling may remove component protection – but will risk damaging new components irreparably while attempting to perform this task.
  • Software updating of Control Units – ECU Software updates are installed to prevent changing expensive electronic components developing faults of corrupted software. In many cases software updating can save hundreds of pounds by NOT replacing control units logging a ‘defective’ fault code. Many workshops are still unaware of this new repair technology.

Real world example

An example below of a money saving software update procedure on Electronic Steering Racks fitted to a broad range of VW group vehicles.

An update installed on Steering systems can remedy “control unit defective” faults that workshops not equipped with the new dealer system would fix by replacing the steering rack. A replacement costing in excess of £1000. An online software update for less than £100 can repair this fault. Only suitably equipped repairers can perform these updates.

  • Key and Remote Matching Service – Genuine VW key orders are matched on VW Factory servers to your car. Only an online connection to the VW security server can match these genuine parts correctly (online handshaking), without a risk of damage.
  • Online Radio Code Retrieval – For enabling VAG sound systems with lost radio codes.
  • Immobiliser Release & Matching – Only a legal and secure online connection can match genuine immobiliser components to your new car correctly without risking expensive and irretrievable damage to your cars electronics.
  • Service Interval Resets on ALL VW, Audi, SEAT, & Skoda models – Many tools fail to correctly set your next service reminder, ODIS correctly completes this task.
  • Airbag Systems – New models now require airbag systems parameterising online.
  • Online Diagnostics with the latest factory supplied bulletins, data and procedures.

Digital Service Records after 2014

New Technology: Audi and Skoda service records are now logged online only and recorded at the factory for warranty purposes – If your car has no Digital Service Record logged – warranty terms are breached.

The General Motor Company will complete your online Digital Service Book on new models to retain the manufacturer’s warranty on your car.

We also subscribe to the specific VW Audi Group official training website, VAG online parts & equipment catalogues and ElsaPro online workshop repair information.

Earlier models

For early VAG Group models we have also invested in the following equipment:

  • Autologic VAG – Bespoke VAG Diagnostic System.
  • Ross Tech VCDS / VAG Com Diagnostic System.
  • Bosch KTS Guided Diagnostics platform.
  • Autel Maxidas Multi Brand Diagnostic Tool.
  • Plus many VW Specific tools for chassis, electrical and general repairs.

The General Motor Company is a true Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Skoda specialist.

We invest in equipment, dealer training and information systems (Including technical bulletins and safety campaigns vital to you and your cars wellbeing) used in the franchised dealer network. This allows us to provide a comprehensive specialised maintenance and repair solution for your car.